Photographic Equipment Repairs and Lens Polishing
Photographic equipment repairs
 36 rue Paul Louis Lande
Tel./Fax: 05 56 92 14 91
Email: [email protected]
Opening times:
Monday: 11h/17h
Tuesday, thursday and Friday: 9h30/12h30 - 14h/17h
Wednesday: 9h30/12h30 and by appointment

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Description of Marc NICOLAS' repair shop

The workshop is in Bordeaux (France), where I have been established since 1986.

I am experienced in repairing all types of photographic equipment, both prestige and other makes.

I also specialise in lens polishing, of all makes.
Since 1976 I have undergone training in various Paris and provincial workshops, including that of my father Raymond Nicolas (better known as " Nick "), whose reputation as a lens polisher is well known and who has passed on to me his valuable skill, for the benefit of all.

The workshop is open both to professionals and to private individuals.

I cover the whole of France, and other European countries. See Conditions/guarantees.

 My fields of competence:

- Repair of film cameras, both old and modern.
- Photographic optics in general.
- Repair of digital cameras ; light sensor cleaning.
- Lens polishing, an art learned from my father, a specialist in this field acknowledged throughout France.